Strange Is On His Way Back to the Heart of Dixie; Ecstatic Judge Moore: "The South Will Rise Again!"; McConnell Despondent As Bannon Exults

Steve Bannon, who used to be (and quite possibly still is) Donald Trump’s brain, is very happy, as diligently reported by ace Politico reporters Seung Min Kim and Burgess Everett, today (


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith covered Bannon’s appearance on Monday in Fairhope, Alabama, where Bannon preached to an enthralled South Alabama crowd.


At Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore’s victory party over Sen. Luther Strange, ASR Smith distinctly heard Moore cry out in exultation, “The South Will Rise Again!” 


Moore is well aware that the South, not the North, won the Civil War.


ASR Smith tried without success to reach Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but she was able to reach his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. Chao told Smith that her husband is deeply despondent because his arch enemy, Bannon, has voted to “Repeat Alabama,” which means, among other things, that Bannon is very confident that he will succeed in one of his principal goals, namely, to defeat Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona), a very frequent critic of Mr. Trump, in a GOP primary.


As for the fate of HHS Secretary Tom Price, only Trump knows, after Trump expressed chagrin at Price’s amazingly facile way of explaining his use of specially chartered aircraft to promote somebody’s agenda; it’s not Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.