On Scale of Minus Ten to Plus Ten, Trump's Approval Rating Is Minus Twenty

Now that we know that all Donald Trump cares about is whether he can destroy the mega-business known as the National Football League, it’s time once again to evaluate his ability to govern.


Over the weekend, the only thing he was concerned about was not Puerto Rico, but whether he could force NFL owners, such as his close personal friend Robert Kraft, owner of the ever-cheating New England Patriots, to fire players who take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, immediately before they run out onto the field doing their utmost to inflict concussions on players from the opposing team.


Seems Trump has a great antipathy to the First Amendment.


Remember, this is the guy who wants to replace the First Amendment with the Second Amendment. We here at AP have previously pointed that out.


Now he claims that the ratings of the NFL have suffered, all because, while in Huntsville on Friday, he paid lip service to the candidacy of Big Luther Strange and went totally off-script. Trump is a guy whose Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, feels like resigning every time he sees his boss go off-script at a rally. It’s not a Trump rally unless he says (read: yells) something outrageous. And on Friday, instead of trying to keep Luther Strange in the Senate, he whined about how NFL players are exercising their First Amendment rights to protest against police brutality. He also wants more concussions on the field.


Having tweeted, ranted, and spoken some fifteen times over the weekend, not about the catastrophe that is Puerto Rico, but, rather, about his antipathy to the First Amendment, now he claims that the ratings of the NFL have gone down precipitously because of his objections to the players taking a knee.


Ahah! What does the mega-billionaire and former TV entertainer care about?


First and foremost: Himself.


Second: The Ratings.


So we here at AP just polled all American voters, with the help of expert techie and associate solitary reporter Al Cashwood.  


Results: Trump’s approval rating, on a scale of minus ten to plus ten, is minus twenty.