Trump Decides to Keep DACA After His Only Latino Cabinet Member and Kelly Talk Him Out of It

Labor Day, 2017


Alexander Acosta is Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor. He’s the only Hispanic in the Cabinet, and he was pressed into service after Trump’s first nominee for Labor, Andrew Puzder, fast food billionaire and the co-author of Job Creation: How It Really Works and Why Government Doesn't Understand It, bombed out during the confirmation process.


Trump had planned to announce tomorrow that he’ll cancel one of President Obama’s signature programs, DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals), which grants millions of people who came to the United States illegally as children with their parents a two-year period in which they can work without fear of being deported (


But, as associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones watched, Acosta accosted Trump as he was preparing yet another frivolous but provocative tweet, and said, “Sir Boss Man, if you rescind DACA, every Latino in the US will vote against you in 2020.”


“So what,” Trump responded, after asking his Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, who Acosta is, “don’t bother me with that nonsense, ‘cause I’m gettin' ready to invade Venezuela.”


After a brief interlude, Kelly talked sense into Trump.


As a result, DACA will not be stopped until Ted Cruz becomes president.