Faithless Elector Micheal Baca Gets Free Pass from Colorado's AG; Trump Does It Again in Phoenix

DENVER — It’s always gratifying to your solitary reporter when prominent Republican elected officials get into serious arguments with each other.


Yesterday, Colorado’s Attorney General, Republican Cynthia Coffman, announced that she will not prosecute Micheal Baca for being a “Faithless Elector,” because that would only give him more publicity.


Last year, when, among other unexpected events, Hillary Clinton was not elected to the highest office in the land, Micheal Baca, a Colorado Elector pledged to Hillary, at the required meeting of the Electoral College, voted for Republican John Kasich, in an attempt to convince other Electors to vote for someone other than Donald Trump, so that Trump would be unable to swagger himself into the White House on January 20 (and he’s been doing little but swagger ever since).


But Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, wanted Coffman to go after Baca for breaking Colorado law requiring Electors to vote for the presidential candidate whom they had promised to support, and he expressed disappointment in her decision.


So your solitary reporter interviewed Coffman and asked her, pointedly, whether she intends to run for governor in 2018. That’s assuming that Colorado Democrats in June choose Cary Kennedy, the best-qualified of all the Dems running for governor to succeed term-limited Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. Kennedy, unlike any of the other Democratic candidates, has nine years of executive government experience.


In response to the solitary reporter’s persistent questions, Coffman said that she is definitely running for governor, and that she looks forward to defeating her soon-to-be ex, Congressman Mike Coffman, who also wants to be governor of Colorado, especially since he knows full well that he doesn’t stand a chance against Aurora Democrat David Aarestad, who is certain to survive the Democratic primary in June in Congressional District 6.


Elsewhere, in Phoenix, where Mayor Greg Stanton, a thoughtful Democrat, appropriately told Trump not to come, the man who now owns the war in Afghanistan did what he most loves doing: being energized by a fawning crowd. Trump never has a script when he holds a Trumprally because his handlers know that they can’t control him. His handlers briefly controlled him after Charlottesville, but then he dove down deep once again to reunite himself with his adoring followers.


And at his Phoenix rally, he doubled down on his adoration of Confederate statues and again and again and again blamed all the media other than Fox News for his problems. He repeatedly said, falsely, that television channels were switching away from his performance.


He once again praised former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigration crusader who lost reelection in November and who was recently convicted of criminal contempt for disobeying a federal court order preventing him from mistreating Latinos.


Although we here at AP had predicted that he would pardon Arpaio at his Phoenix rally yesterday, Trump broadly hinted that he will do so later.


So we asked associate solitary reporter Joe Mulvaney, who is based in Tucson, to ask the thousands of Trump supporters why they love him.


Most of their responses, when they referred to members of the Democratic faith, cannot be printed here.


That’s when Mulvaney suggested that Trump be deported to Venezuela, which caused the Trumpites to threaten him within an inch of his life.


Mulvaney accompanied him backstage, where the Commander-in-Chief immediately started watching CNN and saw CNN anchor Don Lemon say that Trump willfully lied to the American people and behaved like a six-year old having a hissy fit.


When Mulvaney told Trump that his detractors want him either impeached or deported to Venezuela, he punched Mulvaney in the mouth, causing Mulvaney to undergo immediate oral surgery at Phoenix’ famed Butura Oral and Dental Implant Surgery clinic.


Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, visited Mulvaney as he was recovering from the surgery and told him that he fully supports the anti-Trump efforts of both Arizona senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, both of whom have been highly critical of Trump. Trump is conspicuously recruiting Trump loyalists to primary Flake next year.