Saudi King Salman, Israeli's Netanyahu Pledge Badly Needed Help to Trump in Afghan War

Yesterday, after being blinded by the total eclipse of the sun, Donald Trump gave a stirring speech at Ft. Myers in Arlington, Virginia, telling the world what a toughass he is when it comes to how he’s gonna win the war in Afghanistan — the longest war the US has ever waged.


Though he had previously called Bush Two’s invasion of Afghanistan a waste of money, now that he’s the Commander-in-Chief, Trump, having rid himself of isolationist Steve Bannon, has been listening a lot more to his generals, who told him that if he wants to “finish the job” there, he’ll need to send more American troops directly into danger.


In his speech, Trump called on neighboring countries, some of whom may be considered allies, to help.


But what nobody but associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones knows is that behind the scenes, both Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watched Trump’s latest performance with great interest. And as soon as Trump stopped talking, each of them separately called The Donald pledging their unwavering support.


To what may this unexpected largesse be attributed?


Trump’s first stop on his first foreign trip since January 20 was to Riyadh, where he was feted in grand style, while his son-in-law arranged a big big sale of big US airplanes to the Saudis.


His next stop was in Jerusalem, where he was passionately embraced by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who never liked President Obama or Hillary Clinton.


AP fans should look for a big Trump win in Afghanistan very soon, with Saudi and Israeli planes bombing the bejesus out of the Taliban and ISIS.