Trump Taps David Duke to Replace Bannon

The man who hates the mainstream media more than just about anybody wanted to talk about infrastructure yesterday in the Tower that Donald built.


Politico published a full transcript of the event:


And CNN made some comments about it:


It’s fair to say that CNN has it in for Donald Trump.


In the course of his "news conference," Trump insulted John McCain and anybody else who has criticized him.


Trump wanted to talk about infrastructure, but reporters kept asking him about Charlottesville. So he went totally off script, as his new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, in shock and disbelief, stared at the floor, as Trump asked whether statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be pulled down.


In the course of his rant, Trump accused Charlottesville counter-protesters of being part of the “Alt-Left.”


Notably, his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, wasn’t there, but the reporters wanted to know whether the man from Breitbart still has a job. Trump referred to Bannon as “Mr. Bannon,” which piqued the interest of associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who follows Trump wherever he goes.


As Trump walked away without answering reporters’ final questions, Jones heard Trump mutter, “Damnation! I’m gonna have to let Bannon go, but you know what? I’m gonna replace him with David Duke. Let’s see how the fake news people react to that!"