The Day After Trump Bombed His Own Generals, Twitter Announces Plans to Cut His Twitter Account Off

Yesterday, Donald Trump dropped a bomb on his generals by announcing on Twitter that transgendered people will not be allowed to serve in the US military.


This came as a bit of a shock for Defense Secretary James Mattis, who was on vacation (who among his subordinates wouldn’t need a vacation every day?). The Pentagon has been studying the issue of the appropriate role of transgendered people in our armed services for some time now. 


This morning, Congressman Keith Ellison, the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, was interviewed on NPR.


Ellison (one of only two Muslim Members of Congress), said it is about time for Twitter to impose substantial restrictions on Trump’s use of Twitter.


So Omid Kordestani, Twitter’s Executive CEO, easily picking up on Ellison’s cue, announced on Twitter (where else?) that effective immediately, he is totally cutting off access to Twitter by the current occupant of the White House. This, of course, enraged The Unruly Occupant so much that he grabbed both Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and threw them against the wall, as associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones observed with keen interest.


Elsewhere, we are constrained to report that in the Senate, Mitch McConnell’s attempt to push through a “skinny” “Repeal and Replace” of the Affordable Care Act is doomed to failure because, with his conspicuous triple chin and double paunch, he is totally the opposite of skinny.