Trump's Attorney, Jay Sekulow, And His Practice of the Trumpite Faith; Trump Jr. Meets with Kislyak in Trump Tower

Attorney Jay Sekulow does not represent Donald Trump Jr. He made that more than clear today during the Sunday morning talk shows (


But Sekulow does represent Donald Trump Sr.


Sekulow describes himself as a Messianic Jew and is a frequent guest and commentator on the Christian Broadcasting Network and Fox News. He built a legal and media empire over a thirty year period by representing conservative, religious, and antiabortion groups ( 


As the whole world (and especially Vladimir Putin, whose project consists basically of wanting to re-create the Soviet Union) knows, Donald Trump, the most litigious ever presidential candidate, and the most litigious ever occupant of the White House, needs legal help big time.


Trump Jr. is the older son of Ivana Marie Zelnickova Winklmayr— who married the current occupant of the White House in a lavish wedding officiated by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale on April 7, 1977, in the Marble Collegiate Church, in the NoMad Neighborhood of Manhattan.


Because his mother is a native of Ziln, Czechoslovakia, Donald Junior speaks Czech, though his sympathies are probably totally out of sync with the Prague Spring (Pražské jaro) of 1968 — which occurred when Trump Jr. hadn’t even entered the world — simply because Putin wants both Slovakia and the Czech Republic back, as well as Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, among others — though that may take a lot longer than Putin would like. 


After he was graduated from college, Trump Jr. moved to Aspen, in the Centennial State, where he was briefly out of communication with his father, after his father’s well-publicized divorce from Ivana. There, he hunted (did he hunt for Democrats?), fished, skied, and lived in a truck, and worked as a bartender, before moving back to New York City to join The Trump Organization.


As readers of this apocryphal newspaper have known since January 20, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is known to us today as the headquarters of The Trump Organization. 


In theory only, Donald Junior and his brother, Eric (the one whose hair style most closely resembles the hairstyle of bigtime mafiosos throughout history) are the guys who are running The Trump Organization with — again, in theory only — no consultation with their father.


Back to Sekulow.


Sekulow said this morning, in response to a question from CNN’s Jake Tapper, that he is “unaware of” “any additional Trump Jr. Russia meetings.”


Which led associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones to visit Trump Tower, moments ago.


There, Jones saw Trump Jr. engaged in deep conversation with — guess who? — Putin’s outgoing ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak (Серге́й Ива́нович Кисля́к), a really smooth operator if there ever was one, even if he has never entered an athletic club. (In physiognomy, Kislyak most closely resembles Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader who famously promised to bury us in these here United States of America.)


Putin’s next emissary to the US, Anatoly Antonov (Анато́лий Ива́нович Анто́нов ), has not been installed yet, but, given Trump Sr.’s blatant admiration for Putin, that is sure to happen; and Kislyak, whom CNN has dubbed “a diplomat’s diplomat,” is expected to be Putin’s guy at the UN in a position dealing with counterterrorism (no doubt so Putin can continue his close personal relationship with Syrian murderer-dictator Bashar al-Assad).


This is what Jones heard Kislyak say to Trump Jr.: “Donnie boy, just keep up the good work. I know full well that Natalia Veselnitskaya is cute — that’s one reason why we sent her to you, from Russia with love. Don’t ever let that stop you from welcoming her, either to Trump Tower, or to the Oval Office.”


Trump Jr. smiled and shook hands with Kislyak, while Sekulow continued in his anti-secular practice of the Trumpite faith.