Why Trump Will Be Re-Elected in 2020 and 2024; Report from Paris on Bastille Day



It is difficult to keep up with Donald Trump.


After November 8, your solitary reporter has had to bring on board numerous associate solitary reporters.


The newest is Rebecca Crawford. Earlier today, she read Politico’s Ben Strauss’s report on the close personal friendship between Trump and boxing promoter Don King (http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/07/14/don-king-donald-trump-black-man-215362). King arranged a Mike Tyson fight at one of Trump’s numerous Atlantic City casinos. From now on, Crawford will be covering any athletic connections between Trump and sports. Strauss’ report in today’s Politico appears in the Game Theory section.


King was all ready to give a glowing speech in favor of America’s least qualified presidential candidate at last year’s Republican National Convention, but Reince Priebus would not permit it because King had previously been convicted of second-degree murder. 


In Strauss’ report, there is a picture of Trump and King with both of them smiling in mutual admiration. 


At his most recent wedding, to trophy wife Melania, King described Trump’s third wedding as “a spontaneous combustion of love.”


As he interviewed King, Strauss asked him how he thinks Trump has been doing since he began occupying the White House after losing the election to Hillary Clinton. This is what King said: “Now Mr. Trump, they’re treating you like a black man…Mr. President, you know what it’s like to be a black man.”


Crawford, who, like King and associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, is African American, said “Don King is a traitor to his race."


That’s why Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and in 2024.


Associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, our Chief European Correspondent, is covering the love-fest currently taking place in Paris between Trump and France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron. Macron invited Trump to Paris to help him celebrate Bastille Day. Yesterday, Macron and Trump visited Napoleon’s Tomb in Les Invalides. Trump undoubtedly was impressed with how a short Corsican dude could avail himself of every possible opportunity during the French Revolution, becoming a general at the age of 24 and then going on to become the first French emperor. Theis distinctly heard Trump whisper to Melania in Les Invalides, “I am even more macho than Napoleon! I am the emperor of the whole world!"


Theis advises us that Trump will be a frequent visitor to Paris, where he can pretend to avoid his Russiagate scandal.