Trump To Appoint Ben Carson to Head the Office of Government Ethics

THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE — Walter Schaub, the Director of the Office of Government Ethics, has resigned. He was appointed to that position in 2013 by President Obama. It’s a five-year term.


Schaub made headlines earlier this year when he told Donald Trump to divest his vast business holdings. Schaub is resigning to take a position with the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center as its senior director of ethics.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is traveling with Trump as he heads today to Hamburg, where the nineteen other members of the G-20 are hoping that when he has a meltdown in their presence, Jones and others in Trump's retinue will be able to provide him with the psychiatric assistance which he so clearly needs.


Jones asked Trump what he intends to do in terms of replacing Schaub. “That’s easy, Johanna,” Trump quickly replied. “I’m putting Ben Carson in there. Whenever Ben has to express any kind of opinion about me, he will simply pray about it and then he’ll announce that I always do the right thing.”


During the 2016 presidential campaign, Carson was noted mostly for falling asleep during the debates. Since he became Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the man has made no waves at all, plus he doesn’t know the first thing about housing other than how to live in comfort. Given that all Trump’s appointees are sycophants, it is much more useful for Trump to have a yes-man running the Office of Government Ethics, than a conscientious public servant such as Schaub.