Rodman Replaces Otto Warmbier in North Korean Prison; Murkowski Tries to Explain Medicaid to Trump; Sessions Builds Stone Wall Around White House

Today, eccentric basketball player Dennis Rodman went to Pyongyang to visit his close personal friend, Kim III, in North Korea.


On the same day, a 22-year American, Otto Warmbier, was medically evacuated from North Korea, in a coma after some 16 months in an unsanitary North Korean prison.


Associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun watched as Rodman, shortly after being embraced by Kim, was taken to the same cell which had just been vacated by Warmbier.


At the White House, Donald Trump had to be reminded by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman that here is such a thing as Medicaid. Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was in the room as Trump told several Republican senators that Paul Ryan’s attempt to deprive millions of low income Americans of needed health care is too harsh. Jones interjected that poor Americans need Medicaid, Trump asked what Medicaid is, and Jones was ejected onto the White House lawn. A very strong woman, Jones was unhurt.


During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, refused to tell the Committee about his conversations with Trump. To prove his point, Sessions went directly from the hearing to the White House, commandeered Interior Department employees immediately to bring him sizable stones, and built a stone wall around the White House. He then went into the White House and told Trump that he has nothing to fear.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Rodman had been advised of the dangers of traveling to North Korea. He immediately began working on a plan to get Rodman out. Ko called Jones, who asked Tillerson whether he plans to have Rodman returned to the US aboard one of Kim’s missiles. “I doubt it,” Tillerson said, "but if he comes out that way, Mattis would love to see the missile."