Trump Ready to Fire Sessions, Replace Him With His Personal Lawyer

After it was widely reported that Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, offered to resign, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman reached out to her hundreds of contacts in Washington and in the legal community to learn who the current occupant of the White House would nominate when and if Sessions resigns.


Trump was furious when Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russia’s gross interference in our presidential election, and he also leaned heavily on former FBI Director Comey to end the FBI’s investigation into the doings of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s during the presidential transition.


Now Trump has hired his personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, to lead a group of lawyers trying to defend Trump from allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.


“Within a week or so,” Sherman told us, “Trump will fire Sessions and nominate Kasowitz, and don’t expect him to consult McConnell before he does that.”


“Trump also plans to privatize the Department of Justice, just as he insists on privatizing our air traffic control system."