Acting Solicitor General Wall Asks Supreme Court To Allow Him To Withdraw From Representing Trump

Seems nobody who has any sense wants to work for Donald Trump, our nation’s leading xenophobe.


After five federal district courts told him that his Muslim travel ban is patently unconstitutional, the Justice Department revised it in an attempt to pass constitutional muster. Then the Fourth Circuit resoundingly ruled, 10-3, against him, and now he wants the Supreme Court to make things nice and tidy for him. In an early morning tweet today, Trump lashed out at his own Justice Department for “watering down” his original, grossly unconstitutional travel ban, saying he wants his original Muslim travel ban to be defended.


Trump (or somebody acting on his behalf in his chaotic White House) has nominated Principal Deputy Solicitor General Noel Francisco to represent him before the Supreme Court, but he has not been confirmed, so Jeffrey Wall is Acting Solicitor General, tasked with defending the indefensible.


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who covers judicial matters for us, as well as at Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department, was at the Supreme Court this morning as Wall asked the Supreme Court to grant his motion for leave to withdraw from his representation of Trump.


Chief Justice John Roberts wore an extremely puzzled look as Wall addressed the Court.


“Counsel,” Roberts began, “when you were admitted to practice law, and when you were admitted to practice before this Court, you took an oath to represent your clients zealously.”


“Yes, Your Honor,” Wall responded timidly.


“And now you want this Court to grant your petition to withdraw from representing Donald Trump?”


“Yes, Your Honor.”




“Your Honor, the man is paranoid, completely irrational, and most important of all, he refuses to take my advice.”


“Mr. Wall, the Court will take a recess to consider your motion.”


Fifteen minutes later, the Chief Justice and his colleagues reemerged.


“Mr. Wall, this is a most unusual request, unprecedented in the annals of Supreme Court jurisprudence. But my colleagues and I read the newspapers and we watch television. If we grant your motion to withdraw, who will continue this appeal?”


“Beats the hell out of me, Your Honor,” Wall said. “Probably somebody from the Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, or the KKK."