Macron's English Is Far, Far Better and More Sensible Than Trump's

Yesterday, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking in very clear and precise English about Donald Trump’s unilateral, ultra-nationalist, Bannonesque decision to pull out of the Paris climate change accord, said very clearly that the countries which will remain in the Paris agreement (that is, the rest of the world except for Syria and Nicaragua) will “Make the earth great again” — thus mimicking Trump’s hackneyed campaign phrase, “Make America great again.” 


At Macron’s side was associate solitary reporter and chief European correspondent Larry Theis and First Daughter Ivanka Trump. On Thursday, we “reported” that Ivanka and her all-powerful husband, superwealthy Jared Kushner, have moved to Paris in protest against Trump’s bombastic move away from the Paris accord — a move he made against all scientific evidence. 


Thus, Theis was the first to report that Trump has named Ivanka as his ambassador to France. Ivanka replaces Jane Hartley, who was President Obama’s ambassador to France until January 20. 


Jared Kushner is still trying to figure out whether he wants to commute between Paris and Washington. As of press time, he's been wandering alone along the Seine trying to figure out whether to enjoy the social scene in Paris, or whether he should return to the White House to do some version of political harm to former Breitbart boss Steve Bannon. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did recommend to Trump that Ivanka would be a fine ambassadress to France. Tillerson is, however, thinking about returning to Exxon Mobil, where he would be making much more money, and where he would be running things instead of pretending to like what Trump is doing to burn up the planet.