Yahweh's Response To Trump At The Western Wall

JERUSALEM — Yesterday, Donald Trump, the master of optics, visited the Western Wall and inserted a slip of paper into a crevice in the Wall, something which none of his predecessors as occupants of the White House had ever done while visiting Israel.


The Western Wall is one of the holiest sites in Judaism. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, Rabbi of the Western Wall, was with Trump and associate solitary reporter Eleazar Weitzman. ASR Weitzman, a man of clear vision, was able to see what Trump had written: “God, is it okay with you if I fire Robert Mueller?”


Suddenly, Rabbi Rabinovitch, much to his surprise, heard the sound of a fax machine.


Within seconds, the fax machine issued a response from Yahweh.


“You have violated My Commandments!”


“You  have worshiped filthy lucre.”


“You have ordered the killing of fellow human beings in Syria, Yemen, and wherever else it has pleased you to do so.”


“You have committed adultery, and you have coveted other men’s wives.”


“You have stolen other people’s’ money, big time, and your budget calls for massive cuts to the most vulnerable.”


“You have lied ever since you were a little boy, and nobody believes you anymore.”


“You must show this, my response, to the people who voted for you.”


As Trump crumpled up Yahweh’s response and spat on it, Yahweh’s fax machine emitted another response.


“Since you don’t like what I have just told you,” Yahweh said, “try your luck with the Pope."