Le Pen Exposes Trump's False Front

Marine Le Pen is the candidate of the National Front (Le Front National) in the French presidential election, and, if she can defeat Emmanuel Macron on May 7, she will become the president of France. She is universally considered to be the candidate of the extreme right, even though she is trying her best to waffle herself out of that critique, just to get elected.


France and Germany were the main architects of the European Union. But she wants to take France out of the European Union. That's why France’s election on May 7 is being so closely watched.


Marine Le Pen’s Front National was founded by rightist French nationalist, pro-monarchy extremists disappointed by Charles de Gaulle’s abandonment of his promise of holding on to French Algeria. Front National co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father, served in the Algerian war as an intelligence officer. Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National was always anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim, and Jean-Marie Le Pen has always been not only anti-Semitic but also a Holocaust denier, and he became known in France as “The Devil of the Republic” to his millions of detractors, and as the “last samurai” to his supporters.


In 2015, Marine Le Pen, his youngest daughter, expelled him from the Front National as part of her efforts to make her party more mainstream, to enhance her prospects of winning the presidency.


Yesterday, moments after Donald Trump endorsed Marine Le Pen (see yesterday’s post), she, putting on her best front, turned the tables on him. Our chief European correspondent, Larry Theis, was with Le Pen during these boring developments.


So when Trump, a well-known Islamaphobe, endorsed Marine, she denounced him, as Theis observed her closely.


“Donnie,” she yelled, insulting him even more so by using the diminutive form of address, "Tu n’est qu’un cochon! Tu es ignorant, tu ne sais rien, la plupart des Américains sont bruts, mais tu es le plus brut Américain que j’ai jamais vu! En réalité, ton front est complètement faux!” (“You’re nothing but a pig! You are ignorant, you don’t know anything, most Americans are really boorish, but you are the most boorish American I have ever seen! To tell you the truth, your front is completely false!"


His feelings deeply hurt, Trump called Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and said, “Send my Tomahawk missiles to Marine Le Pen and take her out.”


But associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones and Theis tipped Marine off and sent her off to spend the rest of her days in Half Tree Hollow on St. Helena, an extremely remote British island in the South Atlantic, where Napoleon spent his last days. This ensures that centrist Emmanuel Macron will succeed the wildly unpopular François Hollande.

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