Bannon Returns In Triumph to Breitbart; Pence Caught Meeting Alone With Susan Rice

THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE NW — After he was removed as a member of the Principals Committee of the National Security Council at the urging of Jared Kushner (Donald Trump’s Director of American Innovation) and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, left the White House in a huff yesterday after telling Trump what a dipshit he is for excluding him from national security decision-making. And so Bannon has now returned to his previous job running the Far-Right Breitbart News. Bannon’s departure from the White House was chronicled by associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who was quite familiar with yesterday evening’s front-page report in Politico that mega-donor Rebekah Mercer talked Bannon out of resigning. It was Bannon who created the “America First” ideology of the Trump movement.


Bannon was welcomed back to Breitbart by its Editor-in-Chief, Alexander Marlow, who gladly turned the the Alt-Right very false (even more false than fake news) news site back to Bannon. Marlow said “Steve is a much better misogynist and a much better racist than I am or ever will be, and for sure he’s a superbly better xenophobe than I ever was. I am ecstatic."


Elsewhere, at the Naval Observatory in Washington, which is the Official Residence of Mike Pence, the former Indiana governor was observed (by one of Jones’ associates) in his living room having a violent verbal confrontation with Susan Rice, President Obama’s former National Security Advisor, with nobody else in the room. This, after Trump with, as usual, no evidence, accused Rice of having committed crimes while doing her job of advising President Obama.


Facing the cameras in shame, with his ever loyal wife, Karen, at his side, Pence asked God to forgive him for his unpardonable sin of being alone with a woman not his wife.


But God did not respond to Pence’s plea, causing Pence to think he needs to hurry back to Indiana and forget about Washington. “In Indiana,” Pence said to nobody in particular, “we treat our women real good."


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