In Amsterdam, Trump Campaigns for Wilders

AMSTERDAM — Moments ago, our chief European correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, spotted Donald Trump campaigning for his Dutch counterpart, Geert Wilders, here in Amsterdam.


With controversies swirling all around him, from his deep ties to Russia, to an extremely rushed and deeply flawed “Repeal and Replace” campaign, to continuing efforts on his part to keep Muslims out of the United States, it only made sense for Trump, who badly needs a diversionary distraction, to cancel his plans to visit Nashville today in favor of doing his utmost to help Wilders, who wants to close all mosques in the Netherlands and to ban the Koran.


Thankfully, Theis tells us that as soon as they saw Trump campaigning for Wilders, all sensible Dutch voters rushed to the polls to vote for anybody but Wilders, thus assuring that Wilders will come in last in today's multi-party election.


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