Boehner To Return To Congress In 2019

John Boehner retired from Congress in 2015 because the Tea Party, which controls the GOP, drove him away. They drove him so crazy that he couldn’t wait until the 2016 election to leave Congress, thus requiring a special election, at taxpayers’ expense, to choose his successor.


Yesterday, at a healthcare conference in Orlando, the former Speaker predicted that the Affordable Care Act will not be “repealed and replaced.” All this was fully reported by Darius Tahir in yesterday’s Politico.


“Repeal and replace… is not what’s going to happen,” Boehner said. “They’re basically gonna fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it.”


House Speaker Paul Ryan gave the House a week off this week, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell obliged as well. Raucous town halls across the country, at which only a few Republican senators and Congressmen have dared to appear, have erupted in shouting matches, in which appropriately angry constituents have voiced their fears about the future of the Affordable Care Act, which is President Obama’s landmark legislation.


Medical care in the United States is done on a commercial, not a medical, model. Which is why the Affordable Care Act was passed, in 2010, with no Republicans in the Senate supporting it.


Associate solitary reporter Maggie Smith has been traveling around the country this week. She attended a town hall in Springdale, Arkansas, where the Toothpick State’s junior senator, Tom Cotton, was repeatedly challenged on his strenuous efforts to repeal the ACA.


Colorado’s junior senator, Cory Gardner, at 42 a rising star in the GOP, decided not to hold any town halls. So we wonder where Gardner is, as he decided not to hold any meetings in public forums where he would inevitably be shouted at.


At last report, Gardner — a chipmunk disguised as a politician —  was back in Yuma, Colorado (population 3,524), his home town. Yuma, on the vast Eastern Plains of Colorado, is in the fourth Congressional District, which is a safe seat for Republicans. Gardner gave up his safe seat representing the 4th Congressional District in 2014 to run against Sen. Mark Udall, a good Democrat who ran a crappy campaign against the smooth talking, upbeat Gardner.


Associate solitary reporter Philippa Johnson, who covers politics in Ohio for us, tells us that Boehner’s constituents in his suburban Cincinnati District have launched a petition to draft Boehner to run against Warren Davidson, the Republican Congressman who succeeded him, in 2018.


The plea of the voters of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District is sure to be repeated and replicated nationwide, and Davidson will inevitably resign his seat so that Boehner can return to Congress in January, 2019, when the House will be controlled by Democrats.


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