Trump Issues Executive Order Prohibting Future NFL Games Overseas

Yesterday, the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans played the first ever Monday Night Football game in Mexico City.


At an elevation of 7,382 feet at Estadio Azteca, it took the Raiders until the fourth quarter to become acclimated and come from behind to win, 27-20, putting the Raiders ahead of this year’s Super Bowl 50 winner, the Denver Broncos, in their division (in Colorado, it is illegal to take any action which diminishes the Broncos in any way).


Donald Trump is really good at creating diversions from his soon-to-be flawed presidency. For example, as we reported on November 20, he got really p’d off at the cast of Hamilton for reminding his running mate, Mike Pence, that it will be his constitutional obligation as Vice President to care for everybody in the United States, rather than only a limited few. Thus, Trump’s angry tweet demanding an apology overshadowed his continuing efforts to fill his Cabinet with the likes of a retired general (General James “Mad Dog” Mattis) to run the Pentagon for him (when was the last time that a general or an admiral, rather than a civilian, became our Secretary of Defense?)


This morning, as associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones observed, Trump, mindful that he has not yet been inaugurated as our 45th president, but being temperamentally and permanently impatient, issued an executive order by way of a tweet. It reads: “No athletic organization in the USA is allowed to play outside the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, told Jones, “This is how Mr. Trump will make America great again."

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