How Hillary Got Romneyed

Four years ago, days before the election, Mitt Romney’s advisers promised him that he would defeat Barack Obama.


It didn’t happen.


This year, Nate Silver and most of the other high-profile pollsters told not only Hillary Clinton, but the entire world, that she would be elected. 


Anybody who wants to know how this happened to the best qualified presidential candidate in many decades should read Jonathan Easley’s “Pollsters suffer huge embarrassment” in yesterday’s edition of The Hill, online.


Or they should have watched Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal yesterday evening. Bee, a superb Canadian-American comedienne, caustically explained that it was the fault of white voters (especially white women voters), not minority voters:


Or maybe it was the fault of NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, a white male who voted from the International Space Station, while millions of white males on Terra Firma were so fed up with the vitriol of 2016’s vitriolic campaign that they just didn’t get off their couches to vote.


Kimbrough wouldn't say whom he voted for. Is that because he wants Trump to make him the head of NASA?



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