The Clinton Campaign's OMG Moment

Moments after associate solitary reporter Robert Biensur read today’s post from crack Politico reporter Gabriel DeBenedetti (, he called Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, and interrogated him at great length.


In DeBenedetti’s post, “They Always Wanted Trump: Inside Team Clinton’s year-long struggle to find a strategy against the opponent they were most eager to face,” the former Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Princetonian chronicles how Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team assumed at the outset — just as your solitary reporter did — that the GOP would nominate Sen. Marco Rubio (TP-Florida), a pretty face with no substance — or Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who does not have a pretty face, and who is best known for his ability to ride a motorcycle in Iowa — or Bush Two’s brother Jeb.


“Robby,” Biensur began, “my boss in Denver is having a WTF moment. So please tell me why you guys didn’t figure out early enough that Donald Trump might just get himself elected to be the leader of the free world?”


Mook’s response was concise: “Damned if I know!”


Early tomorrow, AP fans, we’ll tell you — on a state-by-state basis well before voting on Election Day begins — how many Electoral College votes we think Hillary Clinton, our next president, will receive.

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