St. Louis Town Hall Audience Convicts Trump

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, ST. LOUIS — Yesterday’s Town Hall Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was, as plainly reported by Politico’s Henry C. Jackson, by far the nastiest presidential debate in American political history.


Moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper told your solitary reporter immediately after the conclusion of the debate that, throughout Trump’s performance, “We were constantly biting our tongues.” 


On stage with the moderators and the candidates were some 20 audience members, all of whom were uncommitted voters.


Although the mainstream media failed to report it, The Twenty spontaneously stopped the proceedings three quarters of the way through. They constituted themselves into a Jury of 20 and, as the rest of the debate continued, they exchanged text messages with each other.


James Carter, an African American, was elected foreman of the jury. Mr. Carter was the audience member who asked Trump whether he could be “a devoted president” for all Americans. Trump responded by trashing African Americans for being unemployed in the disastrous inner cities.


When the candidates finished their closing statements, Mr. Carter stood up and was recognized by Raddatz and Cooper. Raddatz said, “Mr. Carter, has the jury reached a verdict?” 


“Yes, Your Honors, we have!”


“We the jury find and declare that Donald Trump is guilty of extreme bullying, prevarication, hypocrisy in the nth degree, total narcissism, hoodwinking his millions of Trumpites, and unbelievable ignorance.” 


Raddatz thanked Carter, the jury, Washington University, the Commission on Presidential Debates, and the 66 million viewers at home.


Cooper then charged the jury and the at home TV audience, “You now have all seen the true character of the man who would be president. Go to your nearest voting center, even if it has not yet opened, and immediately cast your ballots for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.”


“And vote for every other Democrat on your ballot.” 


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