Whom Will The Denver Post Endorse for President?

Now that the New York Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, your solitary reporter wants to know what the Denver Post will do.


In 2014, when then Congressman Cory Gardner, a Republican, gave up his safe congressional seat to challenge incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Udall, the Post endorsed Gardner.


When that happened, the Post — already suffering financially, and in the process of laying off numerous seasoned reporters –  lost a considerable number of readers.


Udall, then 64, could have run a stronger campaign against the 40-year-old Gardner, but the Post seemed more interested in its perception that Gardner, a very conservative Republican, would inject new blood into the race. Partly because of the Post’s endorsement, Gardner, who ran a cheerful, upbeat campaign, defeated Udall by three percentage points.


Earlier today, the solitary reporter quizzed at length the Post’s Editor, Lee Ann Colacioppo.


Surprised by the solitary reporter's inquiry, Colacioppo began by saying, “But it’s still only September, and the first presidential debate hasn’t even taken place yet."


In response, the solitary reporter pointed out to Colacioppo that in its endorsement, the Times referred to Donald Trump as "the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history."


“Well, SR,” Colacioppo said, "you do have a point there, and Trump made a damn fool of himself by calling Colorado’s caucus system for picking delegates rigged” (Trump came out of the Colorado Republican Party Convention with no delegates).


“Be assured, we’ll endorse Hillary, but only after the third presidential debate on October 19.”


The solitary reporter thanked Colacioppo for her time and promised not to cancel his subscription, after encouraging her to criticize Colorado’s congressional delegation for voting in favor of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which President Obama vetoed on Friday.


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