Never Trump Movement's Latest Problem; Pence Deviates from Trumpian Orthodoxy

ON THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN TRAIL — Evan McMullin, the last desperate hope of the #NeverTrump movement, has a problem.


McMullin, 40, declared his campaign on August 10, aiming to mount a conservative independent challenge to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Several more-prominent Republicans toyed with the idea of trying to claim the mantle of the Never Trump conservatives, but they eventually passed, leaving McMullin – a Former House Republican leadership staffer and CIA veteran – to attempt to take the lead of their quixotic charge. 


McMullin managed to get on the ballot in only nine states, but he has not picked a running mate, so he told the election clerks to list a “Nathan Johnson” as his candidate for vice president — but that was only as a placeholder, as reported in yesterday’s Politico by Daniel Strauss ( This leaves open the question of whether there is a real Nathan Johnson.


When your solitary reporter reached McMullin for comment, McMullin glibly said, “Donald Trump makes stuff up all the time, so why shouldn’t I just make up a fictional running mate?”


Speaking of running mates, Trump’s pick for Veep, Mike Pence, is likely to get dumped by Trump really soon. Why? He told reporters yesterday that he accepts the fact that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, contrary to Trump’s claim over the last several years that Obama is not a US citizen.


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