CNN's Gloria Borger Endorses Hillary

Yesterday evening, CNN ran “Unfinished Business,” about Hillary Clinton’s life story. Secretary Clinton was interviewed at length by CNN correspondent Pamela Brown.


Immediately following, CNN ran “All Business: the Essential Donald Trump."


CNN’s Gloria Borger interviewed numerous former business associates of The Donald. CNN attempted repeatedly but unsuccessfully to interview Mr. Trump for the program. 


Borger’s interviews included Ivanka Trump, who, appropriately enough, pungently observed that her father’s presidential campaign has been surreal for her.


Borger, CNN’s Chief political analyst, interviewed Michael D’Antonio, author of Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success. D’Antonio, a soft-spoken man who knows what he is talking about, told Borger that for Donald Trump, life is all about exclusively winning (which is good) or losing (which is not good).


The New York Post’s Cindy Adams, a long time Trump friend, explained how Trump managed to violate the rules of the Miss Universe Contest by visiting many of the contestants after hours, and leaving early in the morning. Adams said that sexy blonds found Trump irresistible, and that there were no blondes Donald Trump did not touch.


Barbara Res worked for Trump for eighteen years, including on Trump Tower; she told Borger that Trump is loud and mean, and often cruel to those working for him.


Architect Alan Lapidus, who helped Trump with his casinos in Atlantic City, said that Trump does not work well with partners.


New York City real estate attorney Alan Pomeranz, who represented some 70 banks to whom Trump owed money, said that Trump was very close to going personally bankrupt to the tune of nearly $1 billion; Pomeranz explained that the creditors he represented, the banks that is, figured that they were better off with him alive (not bankrupt) rather than dead (bankrupt), so that he could continue to sell assets, make money, and repay his many creditors.


Tony Schwartz, who wrote The Art of the Deal for Donald, explained how he came up with the phrase “truthful hyperbole”-- a phrase Trump

loves -- but Schwartz was emphatic in saying that something is either true or not true.


So earlier today your solitary reporter visited Borger at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, where she confidentially told the solitary reporter that she is endorsing Hillary Clinton. “You are the only person who is aware of this,” she said. “Don’t tell anybody!"


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