Trump, Kaepernick in Detroit

September 3, 2016
Can anyone imagine Donald Trump in a worship service in an African American church?
But that’s what’s happened today at Great Faith Ministries here in Motor City.
The entire event was very carefully scripted, as reported in an article in Thursday's Times by Yamiche Alcindor, “Leaked Script Shows What Advisors Want Donald Trump to Say at Black Church” (
Trump was interviewed by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. The Trump campaign required that all of Rev. Jackson’s questions be submitted in advance, and, given the, shall we say, to be polite about it, intense skepticism of Donald Trump among African Americans, the campaign assembled what few black Republicans there are to help prepare answers for Mr. Trump. After the interview Trump addressed the congregation. 
However, your solitary reporter upended all this by bringing with him to the Jackson-Trump interview San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and retired NFL star safety Rodney Harrison, who is an analyst for NBC Sports’ Football Night In America. Never shy about expressing his opinions, Harrison, commenting on Kaepernick’s recent refusals to stand during the playing of the national anthem, loudly proclaimed that Kaepernick, who is biracial, is not black.
At the outset, Trump, accompanied by Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, demanded to know why Kaepernick, Harrison, and the solitary reporter were there, and Rev. Jackson politely asked them to leave. But Harrison, intent on continuing his rant against Kaepernick, caused such a commotion that Bannon began threatening him, while Kaepernick verbally attacked Trump, saying “Just who the f___ do you think you are, running for president after refusing to allow black people to rent from your properties? You haven’t done s___ for black people ever!”
The unscheduled threesome were then taken by the church’s ushers and security guards to the Detroit Detention Center, where they are awaiting bondsmen, hoping to be released.
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