Look for Trump Network to be Launched in November

RNC HEADQUARTERS, TRUMP TOWER — Given that Donald Trump will never concede the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s victory over him on November 8 (http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/donald-trump-conced routers wille-succession-227252), your solitary reporter has been tasked with finding out and passing on to his readers the intelligence which he has surreptitiously gained at Donald Trump for President headquarters.


Now that Trump — who boasts that he is really rich, but who knows? — has hired conservative provocateur par excellence Stephen Bannon as the CEO of his presidential campaign — and given that he is already receiving advice from former Fox News top male chauvinist pig Roger Ailes — should we not suppose that after he loses to HRC, Trump will start yet another business with his own brand, this one to be called Trump Network, to rival CNN?


The solitary reporter teleported himself to Trump’s headquarters, where, outside the presence of Corey Lewandowski's successor, Bannon told Trump, “Sir, your superb business acumen has always been tied in with your larger than life self.”


Ailes immediately chimed in, saying, “Sir, I am damn sure that Rupert Murdoch is going to hire me back at Fox News, but just in case he has a last-minute change of heart, I am definitely your guy to launch Trump Network.”


The Donald said, “Sure, go ahead, get it started. But just remember, you are both my apprentices."


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