Khizr Khan To Be Vetted For Top Jobs In The Hillary Clinton Administration


BROOKLYN — Donald Trump continues to commit political suicide.


After Khizr Kahn, the father of Captain Humayun Khan, a

Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, gave the most memorable speech at the Democratic National Convention — in which he lambasted Trump for his highly xenophobic, extraordinarily anti-Muslim stance — Trump responded, as only The Donald can, by accusing Mr. Kahn of viciously attacking him.


But Arizona’s senior senator, 79-year-old war hero John McCain — whom Trump has conspicuously disparaged as weak because he was captured by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war — strongly repudiated the mega-billionaire yesterday.


Sen. McCain — the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2008 –  is facing a tough reelection battle, including a primary challenge. The primary is August 30. If he prevails then, his Democratic opponent will be 66-year-old Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, who represents much of eastern Arizona.


Moments ago, a solitary reporter contacted the Hillary Clinton for President campaign and spoke with Secretary Clinton’s top foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan, about the prospects of Mr. Khan serving in the Hillary Clinton Administration.


“SR,” Sullivan said, “we will definitely vet Mr. Khan for Under Secretary of State, to serve under my close personal friend, John Kerry. My friends on the domestic policy side of Secretary Clinton’s campaign are also, no doubt, considering Mr. Khan for Deputy Attorney General, to serve under Loretta Lynch. As you already no doubt know, Mr. Khan is a graduate of Harvard Law School.”


“We will also, of course, be very pleased to consider Ghazala Khan, Mr. Kahn’s wife and a Gold Star Mother, to lead the Women’s Bureau in the Labor Department. She is an educator who has taught Persian to college students. Obviously, our adversaries in Tehran will appreciate that.”  


Sullivan also referred to today’s top story in The New York Times about Trump’s history of evading the draft in 1968 so he could avoid being shipped to Vietnam – a war which he vehemently opposed, “We do not favor draft evaders,” Sullivan said. “John Kerry volunteered for the Naval Reserve in 1966, served valiantly in Vietnam, but was Swiftboated by the Republicans, which is why W was reelected in 2004."


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