What Happened When a Hillary Supporter Was Beaten Up by 12 Bernie Supporters

DENVER — Near the intersection of 20th Street and Sherman Street in downtown Denver there is a mural portraying Vermont’s Independent senator.


As he was routinely walking through that area last week, encouraging everyone he saw to vote for Hillary, your solitary reporter noticed that a fervent Bernieite had written SELLOUT on the mural — this, after Sen. Sanders endorsed Sec. Clinton on July 12.


Although your solitary reporter supported Bernie in his quixotic yet highly galvanizing race for the White House — even holding a rally for the Democratic Socialist in his large field in Chocorua, New Hampshire — the solitary reporter eventually decided to support Hillary.


After watching Sen. Sanders’ speech yesterday evening at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia — in which Sen. Sanders gave a ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton (with Bill Clinton applauding vigorously) the solitary reporter visited the Bernie mural and, loaded with special chemicals provided to him by the anti-graffiti unit of the Denver Police Department, began removing SELLOUT from the mural.


That’s when things started to get dicey. All of a sudden, twelve Bernieites set upon the solitary reporter, threw him onto the ground, stomped on his chest, breaking all his ribs, and walked away.


Eventually, Robert Rodriguez, the Vice Chairman of the Denver Democratic Party, picked up the solitary reporter and took him to Denver Health Medical Center, where he is recovering from his injuries.


The word SELLOUT is still on the mural.


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