Colorado Dems Breathe Sigh of Relief

DENVER — After Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that she has asked Sen. Tim Kaine to be the next Vice President of the United States, Colorado Democrats are happy, because that means that the Centennial State’s popular Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, will not be living at Number One Observatory Circle in Washington — though he is likely to be Hillary’s Secretary of the Interior or Secretary of Commerce.


Hickenlooper told your solitary reporter back in October, at a funder for State Senate candidate Lois Court, that he was not interested in being Hillary’s veep. But speculation about his chances increased markedly very recently when he spent two hours with Secretary Clinton at her home in Washington. 


At the Wynkoop Brewery, in the heart of the trendy LoDo District of Denver co-founded by Hickenlooper, people are still enjoying craft beers (why would any beer drinker want to drink Budweiser or Coors, anyway?). When “the Wynkoop” was started in 1988, LoDo was not in the least trendy, and was a dangerous place to be, but with the arrival in 1995 of a MLB stadium in the area, things changed.


“Hick” was elected Mayor of Denver in 2003 with TV spots showing him as a geeky guy cruising around downtown Denver in a scooter and pretending to tag or disable parking meters. He has run ads showing him parachuting from an airplane and taking a shower with his clothes on to illustrate the corrupting influence of money in politics.


Being congenitally unable to say anything nice about anybody who stands in his way, presumptuous GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has already attacked Kaine for supporting the president who saved our economy in 2009, re-directed our military in the Mideast to where W should have directed it rather than invading Iraq, and made it possible for us to have a health care system which, while not by any means perfect, makes notable strides toward improvement.


Kaine told associate solitary reporter John Jones that he looks forward to proving to the public that Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, is  even more socially conservative than former part-time Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


Look for a long hot summer in this endless process of choosing the leader of the free world.


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