Desperate Manafort Tries But Fails to Get Von Miller to Speak at the GOP Convention

QUICKIE LOANS ARENA, CLEVELAND — As the Republican National Convention began yesterday in Cleveland — a heavily Democratic

city – the list of speakers at the opening event was more notable for the “celebrities” whom Donald Trump wanted to be there, but who preferred to be elsewhere.


This, after chaos erupted on the floor after the NeverTrumpers demanded a voice vote but were twice denied by Congressman Steve Womack (R-Arkansas).


We are not sure whether the Buckeye State’s governor, John Kasich, is a celebrity, but he’s not there. Which leads us to conclude that Kasich, although very conservative politically, is a pretty smart guy.


Also taking a pass (pun intended) was former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow – a super-Christian like Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence — released a video yesterday saying that he had just returned from the Philippines (where he was born), to learn that he had been asked to speak yesterday evening in front of the red meat crowd of Trump delegates, who are perpetually in delusion because they think Trump can really make America safe again. 


Knowing full well that mega-rich Donald Trump has no credibility with minority voters, Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort is desperate. Closely observed by a solitary reporter, Manafort was beside himself trying to reach the Denver Broncos’ star outside linebacker, Von Miller. Miller, an African American, received the Most Valuable Player award after the Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers earlier this year in Super Bowl 50. Following his Super Bowl victory, Miller appeared on season 22 of Dancing With The Stars — which, we suppose, makes him a celebrity.


Rather than speak to the annual NAACP Convention yesterday, Trump chose instead to escort his third wife, supermodel Melania Trump, onto the stage, while Hillary addressed the NAACP Convention in Cincinnati, less than 90 minutes away by air from Cleveland.


Four days ago, after lengthy negotiations, the Broncos signed Miller to a six-year deal worth $114 million, with $70 million guaranteed, becoming the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history, besides receiving the highest amount of guaranteed salary. 


Associate solitary reporter Larry Theis listened to their telephone conversation. Manafort reached Miller at his chicken farm in Dallas.


Manafort began, “Hi Von! This is Paul Manafort. How you doin', buddy?”




“Von, you love your country, don’t you?”


“Yes, Sir, I sure do.”


“Do you want to make our country safe again?”


“I’m already really safe. Why are you asking me that? And, I still have absolutely no idea who you are."


“Von, your country needs you.”


“Why are you bothering me here on my chicken farm?”


Deeply frustrated, Manafort turned away, but was then comforted by the sight of Melania Trump, as she fired up the crowd by telling them that her husband loves America.


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