Why Would Condoleezza Rice Want to be Trump's Veep?

WASHINGTON — Susan Collins of Maine, the only moderate GOP senator, wants Donald Trump to tap Condoleezza Rice to run with him. Sen. Collins thinks that former Secretary of State Rice would be able to counteract Trump’s vitriolic xenophobia.


Unbelievably, Sen. Mike Lee (TP-Utah) wants Trump to pick his nemesis, Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas). A solitary reporter overheard Cruz say “Mike, I thought you were my friend!” Cruz said that Rice would be totally unacceptable because she was a Democrat before 1982.


Garden State Gov. Chris Christie told the solitary reporter that Trump needs a macho man like him who is even more of a bully than Trump is.


Rice told associate solitary reporter Jim Smith that the only sensible thing for her to do is to email Trump right away to explain to him that it just won’t do, as Trump has done so frequently, for a presidential candidate to praise Sadaam Hussein, Moammar Gaddafi, Kim Jungun, and Vladimir Putin as strong leaders. “And there’s no way,” Rice told Smith, “that I could restore him to his senses, since he’s never had any sense at all.”


Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, said that just as the public has no right to know anything about her candidate’s tax returns, it’s nobody’s business who his running mate will be.


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