Yesterday in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — As Next President Hillary Rodham and President Obama campaigned yesterday here for the first time together, a solitary reporter spotted the Tarheel State’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, in the crowd.


Just as the dynamic duo began excoriating GOP nominee in waiting Donald Trump, McCrory, the former mayor of Charlotte, jumped out of the crowd and accused Rodham Clinton and Hussein Obama of violating North Carolina’s HB2, its cherished bathroom law, which requires transgendered individuals to use only the bathrooms of their birth gender.


“Ah saw that jihadist Obama tryin' to go inta a wimmen’s bathroom jest to make a frivolous challenge to our sacred bathroom law,” McCrory yelled, “and Ah also saw Crooked Hillary tryin’ to pull the same stunt by tryin’ to go into a gents’ bathroom!”


When the crowd heard that ejaculation by McCrory, Rodham Clinton and Hussein Obama guffawed so hard that they almost fell over, causing worry for the Secret Service until the audience erupted into laughter and then chased His Excellency the governor back to his Executive Mansion in Raleigh, a distance of 130 miles.


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