Trump's First Campaign Visit to Colorado Bombs; What Do Newt and Donald Have in Common?

DENVER — Earlier today, GOP presidential nominee in waiting Donald Trump paid his first campaign visit to Colorado.


He had a lot of ground to make up: with no credible ground game, he had won zero Colorado GOP delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Instead, all 34 Colorado GOP delegates went to Ted Cruz (TP-Texas). (Don’t expect to see Ted at the Cleveland convention).


Which is why today, as he addressed the Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center, the mega-billionaire spoke to a theater audience which was only half full (


But the hungry audience did have some red meat served up to them by Trump’s unlikely political buddy, Sarah Palin. Palin stirred up the crowd by, among other things, extolling Trump’s ability to fraternize with working people. The crowd went wild.


We hear tell that Newt Gingrich is on Donald Trump’s short list to be his running mate. This set innumerable pundits to wondering what Trump and Newt Gingrich have in common — what moral values they share.


Eventually, a solitary reporter came up with the answer: both men have been married three times — a factoid bound to please evangelical voters.


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