"You've Been Trumped" Says It All!

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND — After watching with great interest the 2011 documentary, You've Been Trumped, a solitary reporter expeditiously took the next flight to Aberdeen to see for himself the subject of the film, Trump’s International Golf Links. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the movie three stars out of four.


In the film, Donald Trump bulldozes his not very well-off Scottish neighbors, who were simply trying to preserve the dunes which Trump destroyed.


The local municipality vetoed the project, but Trump, always ready to score a hole in one, went to the Scottish Parliament, which conveniently overrode the municipality.


Possibly the most ironic part of the documentary shows Trump receiving an honorary degree from Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen. When a previous recipient of the same honor learned that RGU gave Trump an honorary degree, he, a man well known and loved in the area, went to the University to return, and stomp on, his honorary diploma, simply because the University chose to grovel in front of The Donald.


The solitary reporter met with the film’s director, Anthony Baxter, a true son of Scotland. Together they developed a strategy to deny the mega-billionaire the presidential nomination by persuading the RNC’s Rules Committee to allow delegates pledged to Trump to vote their consciences. If the rules change is approved, in the case of many of the Trump delegates, they would then vote for Little Marco, or maybe Michael Huckabee — the only former 2016 GOP presidential candidate willing to speak on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland..


While the solitary reporter was meeting with Baxter, Trump’s newly minted Director of Coalitions, Alan Cobb, rudely interrupted their conversation, explaining that the local coalition of townsfolk who  protested against Trump’s golf course was “most definitely” not the type of coalition in which Mr. Trump is interested.


The solitary reporter then returned to Denver, where he encourages all sensible people to rent the documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, from Netflix, and to see it as soon possible, to gain a better impression of the man who feels that his business acumen in developing luxury golf courses entitles him to become the leader of the free world..


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