George Will To Lead New Conservative Party

WASHINGTON — Citing disgust at the craziness of Donald Trump’s fear-based presidential campaign, conservative political columnist George Will has left the Republican Party and has changed his party affiliation to Independent.


Will’s column is syndicated to 450 newspapers. He won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1977. He was a contributing editor for Newsweek from 1976 to 2011, and is currently a contributor to Fox News.


After he announced on Friday that he is leaving the GOP, Will met at his Washington home with his wife, Mari Maseng Will, and several of his closest conservative friends. Mari Maseng Will, 62, is well known in politically conservative circles, having served President Reagan as his Director of Communications. She was an advisor to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, and she was also an advisor to then Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s 2012 presidential campaign.


A solitary reporter surreptitiously intruded himself into a strategy meeting in the Will home. Also present at the meeting were former Attorney General Ed Meese and several other prominent members of Citizens for the Republic, a right wing PAC.


“George,” Meese began, “Trumpian adventurism and megalomania, spurred on by misguided evangelicals like Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr. and that nutcase, Sarah Palin, have to be stopped, and you are the man to do it.”


“Mari here Is just as smart as Hillary. She’ll make a great First Lady. Let’s start a brand-new Conservative Party and run you for president.”


“George,” Meese continued, “I realize that you’re 75, and Bernie Sanders is 74, but look at all the young voters that Bernie captivated, so you could do the same thing. What do you say, George?”


“Let’s do it," George Will said, as his wife Mari smiled with approval.


Jack Fowler, the Editor of National Review, immediately predicted that the newly formed Conservative Party will win the presidency in November by resoundingly trashing both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


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