Trump Disrupts Modi's Speech

WASHINGTON — Yesterday, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a Joint Session of Congress, a solitary reporter, ever on the lookout for the presumptuous GOP presidential nominee, noticed that Donald Trump was sitting in the gallery and, as usual, was creating a media event.


Before Modi could even begin speaking, Trump interrupted the visitor's speech by standing up and yelling, “I’m gonna bomb your nukes!”


India has 110 nukes.


After Trump was escorted out of the gallery by Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, Modi, who is clearly worried about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, invoked the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. as he pledged to continue to have good relations with the United States. After Modi left the House Chamber, our associate solitary reporter, John Jones, overheard Modi tell an aide to book an earlier flight back to New Delhi.


Also seated in the gallery was Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who was munching and crunching on marijuana-infused edibles which he had purchased at Denver International Airport.


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