Trump to Xi: "I'm taking your wall!"

BEIJING – Secretary of State John Kerry is here for the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue. He is accompanied by a solitary reporter.


As Chinese president Xi Jinpin welcomed Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to the gathering, an extremely loud commotion interrupted Chairman Xi’s greeting.


Accompanied by his chief thug, Corey Lewandowski, the presumptuous Republican presidential nominee, on his way to a highly sybaritic celebration in the Golden State’s primary today, marched in with 1,010 of New York’s finest mafiosi.


“You’ve been stealing our manufacturing and our jobs,” the nominee-in-waiting yelled, “so I’m gonna take your so-called Great Wall and put it on our southern border, and you have to pay for it because Mexico is too cheap.”


As soon as the mafiosi headed for the Great Wall, they were immediately repelled by General Fan Changlong, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and a mere 505 members of the People’s Armed Police.


Kerry apologized for the rudeness of the ugly American and said, “You see, Chairman Xi, Hillary really has her work cut out for her.”


The Chairman smiled.


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    Robert Goldhamer (Wednesday, 29 June 2016 18:00)

    This sounds like an excellent idea. The Chinese aren't doing anything with their wall. It would be recycling at its best!