Ryan Issues Declaration of Dependence on Trump; Donald Sues NPR Media Critic

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN — Today, in an op-ed in his hometown newspaper, The Janesville Gazette, House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed a candidate for the presidency — a man about whom the veteran GOP politician had, as recently as two weeks ago, expressed grave doubts.


Ryan said that he and the mega-billionaire have more in common than what they disagree on.


A solitary reporter noticed, moments ago, that Donald Trump has today sued NPR’s media critic, David Folkenflik, for his (accurate) take on how Trump manipulates the media —  because in the constant media wars, it’s always a question of what the fraudulent academic (Trump of Trump University), or the bombastic nukes-thrower from Trump Tower, or the phony “I love veterans except for John McCain” philanthropist will say —  as he attacks anybody he disagrees with, fully prepared for the counterattack, all designed to have ten times more media attention than any other presidential candidate in the nation’s history.


By contrast to Trump's latest legal salvo, Ryan’s long-awaited Declaration of Dependence on Donald Trump was almost civil. 


Trump’s lawsuit (as filtered by the solitary reporter) alleges that Folkenflik was simply a none too subtle prop for Hillary’s campaign. But Chief Justice John Roberts immediately tossed the suit out as frivolous and groundless, and ordered Trump to quit behaving like a two-year-old.


In San Diego, Bernie told a cheering crowd of 40,000 that California Gov. Jerry Brown is not a real Democrat because he endorsed Hillary and not him.


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