Trump And Judge Curiel; Hawking On Trump

TRUMP TOWER – Donald Trump, by far the most litigious presidential candidate in the history of our nation, is really p’d off at federal district judge Gonzalo Curiel.


It seems that Señor Trump feels entitled to a summary judgment ruling from Judge Curiel, but he won’t get it.


Judge Curiel, a Mexican-American who was nominated to the federal bench by President Obama, is the presiding judge in one of several class-action lawsuits against Trump University. The trial is scheduled to begin on November 28 in San Diego. The judge had planned to start the trial this summer, but postponed it until after the presidential election because of concerns that jurors would be affected by a "media frenzy" if the trial took place during the presidential campaign. Trump is scheduled to attend the trial and testify. On Friday, Judge Curiel granted a request by the Washington Post for public release of certain internal Trump University documents.


Trump has repeatedly criticized Judge Curiel in campaign speeches and has said he should recuse himself from the case, but the judge says Trump has “placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue.”


Given that the mega-billionaire stands a good chance of waltzing into the White House on January 20, look for impeachment proceedings against Judge Curiel to be launched by any given number of Republican Congressmen any day now.


Elsewhere, Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned expert in theoretical physics and cosmology, called Trump "a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator” during an appearance on the United Kingdom’s ITV network. If “The Apprentice” were still running, Trump would haul the ailing Hawking into that long-running show and summarily fire him.


Earlier today, a solitary reporter accompanied ace Politico reporter Burgess Everett and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) during the 39-year-old freshman senator’s daily run on the Washington Mall. Sen. Cotton has been mentioned in the buzz mill recently as a possible running mate for Señor Trump.


Cotton told the solitary reporter to buzz off and go home to Denver.


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