Sanders' Plan To Form The Independent Socialist Party

LOS ANGELES – Determined to wrest the presidential nomination of a political party to which he didn’t even belong a few months ago away from a more experienced, better prepared and more politically astute person, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) told a solitary reporter moments ago that as soon as he captures all 546 delegates here in California, he will form the Independent Socialist Party.


Bernie and Hillary will face Rocky De La Fuente and perennial presidential candidate and convicted felon Keith Russell Judd in the Democratic presidential primary here on June 7.


The brilliant mind behind that effort, Sanders’ wife Jane, told our associate solitary reporter, John Jones, that she has begun the necessary paperwork.


She will not be seeking the assistance of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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    Josep O'Brien (Saturday, 28 May 2016 02:49)

    Your reporter got the facts wrong. Bernie fully intends to retire from the political lime light; return to VT; and spend his time figuring out how he is going to spend his exorbitant wealth of $400K. In VT that will get you a lot of maple syrup.

    On another note, my insider in the Hamptons was privy to a conversation between Bill and Hillary. All of America does not know she and Bill are there for the weekend. All news reports about her being on the campaign trail were prerecorded.

    The essence of their conversation was she has grown tried of wanting to be the first woman president in America. She wants to stay home, bake cookies which she intends to market like Mrs. Fields; and nanny her grand children. Bill will not have any of that idea. His plan was to get the first black man elected president and then get Hillary elected as the first woman president. Sort of like winning two races in the Triple Crown. The third race will be getting his daughter elected as the second female president. I asked what would be his possible motivation for pushing his family forward beside wanting to be like Joe Kennedy. His reply to the insider when asked that question was " is the Foundation, stupid!"