Cruz Challenges Trump To Defy The Tar Heel State's Bathroom Law

TRUMP’S PENTHOUSE  – Donald Trump seems to follow a daily regimen largely designed to bolster his own fragile ego.


Yesterday he tweeted, “I will win the election against Crooked Hillary despite the people in the Republican Party that are currently and selfishly opposed to me!”


Enter Ted Cruz, who was humiliated by Trump six days ago in Indiana.


North Carolina has been in the news recently. The Tar Heel State’s legislature saw fit to require transgendered individuals using public bathrooms to go to the bathroom for the gender which they had chosen to leave behind.


After the Justice Department told North Carolina’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, that the law violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964, North Carolina sued in federal court today, seeking a declaratory judgment that its law is the most wonderful law passed anywhere in the United States. Moments later, the Justice Department filed its own suit. The state’s Attorney General, Ray Cooper, has refused to defend the law himself. Cooper, a Democrat, is running against McCrory for governor. 


So Cruz, rather than go back to the Senate and do his job by voting for the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has challenged The Donald to go to North Carolina, attempt to relieve himself in a public bathroom designated for women, claiming to be a  transgendered woman. This, after Trump had previously said that he is on the side of the transgendered folk targeted by the legislation. “That’ll change Donald’s mind right away,” Cruz said in his most strident voice ever.


Trump Campaign top strategist Paul Manafort told a solitary reporter that his candidate will accept Cruz’ challenge, with Corey Lewandowski protecting the Republican presidential nominee in waiting.


Attorney General Cooper noted that anyone looking at Trump’s hair would immediately conclude that he is transgendered. 




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