Trump: "No help for Ft. McMurray"

Campaigning earlier today in the coal country of West Virginia, Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump, interviewed by a solitary reporter, said that if he were president now, he would "absolutely, totally" rule out any help for the 90,000 people who have been evacuated from Fort McMurray in Northeast Alberta.


“After I get that wall built between Mexico and Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, the next thing I’m gonna do is build a wall between the United States and Canada.”


“There is absolutely no reason to allow anybody to enter the United States unless they totally believe in me,” the candidate said, taking his cue from fellow megalomanic Kim Jong-un.


"Half of those people up there in Ft. McMurray are probably Muslims who want to kill us," he continued.


In Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called President Obama and asked him to have Trump committed to St. Elizabeths Hospital to share a room with John Hinckley. More on that tomorrow.


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