New Broncos Quarterback Is Accosted At The Annual White House Correspondents' Dinner By GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn

WASHINGTON — Last night at the Washington Hilton, in a crowded ballroom, President Obama (followed by the hilarious Larry Wilmore of the Nightly Show) made his final presentation as president to the White House Correspondents and their many friends.


As observed only by a solitary reporter, newly signed Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch was attending, proudly wearing, not a tuxedo, but a Denver Broncos T-shirt with the number 12 emblazoned on it, and a Denver Broncos helmet.


Lynch was a star quarterback at the University of Memphis. After receiving warm congratulations and best wishes from Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), Lynch was accosted by El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, who hopes to unseat Colorado’s senior senator, Democrat Michael Bennet. 


“Boy,” Commissioner Glenn said, “I am so glad that you will be replacing Sheriff Peyton Manning. And I’m delighted that you are a proud and humble Christian just like me. I greatly celebrate your life journey as a graduate of Trinity Christian Academy way down south in Deltona, Florida.”


“Son,” Glenn continued, “my entire life is based on our Lord and Savior."


Lynch, somewhat bemused by the diminutive Glenn, took off his helmet, politely saying “Sir, you’re going to need this during the campaign.” 


Disappointed by Lynch’s response, Glenn interrupted Obama’s speech, saying “Brother Man, don’t come to Colorado Springs while you are campaigning for Hillary.” 


“My close personal friends at Focus on the Family will not welcome you."


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