Trump's Latest Hissy Fit

TRUMPVILLE ETC. — On Saturday, Donald Trump, the mega-phony candidate who clearly thinks he is God’s gift to everybody who adores him, lost all 34 of Colorado’s Republican delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Having done essentially none of the grass roots organizing in the Centennial State, Trump then proceeded to blast the process as “totally unfair.”


Instead, Colorado Republicans chose another guy that nobody in the Republican establishment likes. Any guesses as to who that is?


Elsewhere, Bernie Sanders, fresh off his victory in Wyoming’s Democratic caucuses on Saturday, made a cameo appearance in Denver on his way to his home state of New York, where he hopes to upset Hillary in the Empire State’s April 26 primary. His sole purpose in doing so was to berate a solitary reporter for deserting Bernie’s vaunted political revolution at the Colorado precinct caucuses on March 1. Instead, the solitary reporter attended the Denver Democrats County Assembly as an uncommitted delegate in the presidential contest.

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