Trump On Today's Supreme Court Voting Rights Decision

La CROSSE, WISCONSIN – As his mojo is about to vanish because of tomorrow’s presidential primary in Wisconsin, Donald Trump, who hates losers and anybody who disagrees with him, blasted today’s Supreme Court decision which reaffirmed its one person one vote principle; a solitary reporter was in attendance at yet another Trump Entertainment Event here in the largest Badger State city in western Wisconsin.


In today’s decision, the Court (unanimous for once!) ruled against Texas conservatives who wanted the Court to say that their rights were violated because Texas draws its legislative boundaries based on the general population - including, for example, people who have not registered to vote; prisoners, who can’t vote; and illegal immigrants, who can’t vote – rather than on the voting population. The Obama Administration and several civil rights organizations opposed this spurious claim which, had it been adopted by the Court, would have substantially diluted the influence of Latinos.


"The only Supreme Court decision I will respect,” Trump yelled, “is a decision that puts me in the White House. Anything else they do is of no concern to me.” 


Elsewhere, Reince Priebus, the RNC’s Chairman, who is desperate in his so far unsuccessful effort to keep Trump from destroying the Republican Party, was listening to an NPR report today in which retired U.S. Army General and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark was explaining to millions of NPR listeners how out of touch Trump is with major foreign-policy issues, including the relationship between the United States and NATO.


“Hmmmm,” Priebus said to RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day, “Why don’t we draft Wesley Clark as our nominee? He actually knows something about foreign policy.” 


But Day said, “Reince, I  hate to disappoint you, but Wesley Clark is a Democrat. He ran for president in 2004 and 2008 as a Democrat. He endorsed John Kerry in 2004 and Hillary in 2008.” 


Priebus immediately picked up the phone and called House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying “Paul, your country needs you.” But, continuing to dash Priebus’ hopes, Ryan once again demurred.


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