In Colorado, Trump Announces Plans To Reintroduce The Manufacture of Napalm At A National Wildlife Refuge

This election cycle, Donald Trump has, so far, studiously avoided visiting Colorado, but that is likely to change soon, because the Colorado Republican Party’s 37 delegates are now uncommitted, except for six which have gone to Trump’s major rival, Sen. Ted Cruz. At this point, the hyper–brash mega-billionaire has no Colorado delegates.


Just north of Denver, there is a 15,000 acre wildlife refuge, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (RMANWR). Begun in 1942, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal manufactured, for many years, lots of weapons, including napalm. But now, it really is a national wildlife refuge, where bison and deer, as well as prairie dogs, entertain visitors. There is a visitor center, named for former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder, a fervent Democrat who represented Denver in Congress from 1973 to 1997. Today, a solitary reporter enjoyed a tour of that remarkable area, which provides exceptional views of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. 


But the solitary reporter was startled by the sudden appearance of Mr. Trump at the Refuge where, acting in clear desperation ahead of Wisconsin’s presidential primary on Tuesday, he was trying to convert the bison herd into delegates.


Although she now lives outside Colorado, Pat Schroeder made a special appearance today to confront Trump. She told him in very certain terms that neither bison, nor Coloradans, are his friends.


Trump promptly left on his private plane for North Dakota, a state whose Republican Party is showing him disrespect. But before he left, Trump told the solitary reporter that he will plant 15 casinos on the Refuge, and will, as well, take over the entire Refuge and reintroduce the manufacture of napalm to make American politics more toxic.


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