Trump's Nuclear Option

TRUMPVILLE -- As Donald Trump marches inevitably to the GOP presidential nomination, every once in a while he is forced to answer a substantive question.


People Magazine will soon publish an article in which the GOP presumptive (and presumptuous) nominee is asked under what circumstances he would launch a nuclear weapon. As the whole world knows, the mega-billionaire real estate mogul frequently launches verbal assaults at anyone who disagrees with him, and those assaults always are administered with power similar to a nuclear attack, but in this case, People Magazine asked him under what circumstances he would use the USA's immense nuclear arsenal against a foreign power, once he defeats Hillary and becomes president.


Politico received an advance extract of the People Magazine piece. There, Trump says he would use nukes very sparingly, but many people, including a solitary reporter, are not so sure.


So the solitary reporter, hoping not to be assaulted by Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, approached the candidate, campaigning in Wisconsin, and asked him whether liberal Democrats might be targeted by one of President Trump's nukes. 


Sotto voce, Trump said, "Of course they would. Now get the hell out of here and move to Eastern Ukraine."



Several alert readers have pointed out to us that  they were not able to open the link (from Politico) which we sent yesterday, showing a clever tombstone in Central Park, with the words on a purported Donald Trump tombstone saying that Trump "Made America Hate Again." We regret the error. The correct link is:



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