Trump's Victory Speech At The Mar-A-Lago

THE MAR-A-LAGO CLUB, PALM BEACH, FLORIDA  – Usually, when Donald Trump addresses a crowd, somebody gets roughed up.


This evening, as the mega-billionaire celebrated his victory over Senator Marco Rubio (TP-Florida) in the Sunshine State today, his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was at his side.


Lewandowski, who until recently worked for Americans For Prosperity (read: Koch Brothers), recently had a conversation with Breitbart News correspondent Michelle Fields.


But Trump broke with tradition by not encouraging his adoring crowd to punch out protesters.


In Miami, Rubio dropped out of the race after finishing a poor second to Trump. “It wasn’t God’s plan,” Rubio said.


A solitary reporter asked Lewandowski whether his boss – who, uncharacteristically, complimented Rubio, saying that Florida’s junior senator has a great future – would tap Rubio as his running mate, now that Rubio has dropped out.


The Secret Service intervened after Lewandowski raised his fist.


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